Alten Weise Rottweilers
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About Us

Alten Weise Rottweilers is a small family owned kennel located in Northern Michigan near the banks of Manistee river where our family has lived for well over 100 years.

It's one of these small banks which inspired our name, Alten Weise, which from german to english translates to 'Old Meadow.'

Rottweilers have been a passion and part of my life from the moment my father introduced them to me in 1993. Soon after that I purchased my first Rottweiler and fell in the with the breed, its been an important part of my life every since.

At Alten Weise we are constantly studying and spending endless hours learning bloodlines that go back to the early 20th century in Germany. We are constantly reviewing over pedigrees looking for the right stud dogs for breeding. We evaluate each dog looking for the right temperment and free of genetic problems to create the best breeding stock.

You won't find a lazy or out of shape dog in our kennel.

We feed our dogs 100 percent grain free dog food, containing fresh beef, rabbit and venison to help ensure a healthy balanced diet and to keep our dogs looking good and in top physical condition.

The extensive preventative measures taken with our dogs with full treatments for worms and parasites every 4 months helps keep them healthy and disease free and shows the level of pride we believe in. We also keep all of our dogs up to date on all vaccine shots including paravovirus, distemper and rabies.

We believe a healthy dog is a happy dog!

Thank you for choosing Alten Weise Rottweilers, whether you are making a new addition to your family or choosing a working or show dog.