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Kris von Tonisbergen
Kris is one of the most beautiful Rottweilers I have ever seen, he's a large male weighing 60 kilograms and standing 68 cm tall with a large head, dark eyes and black mouth pigment, deep powerful chest and great angulation. Kris has won shows in many countries including Germany, Italy, Hungry and Croatia where I purchased him from my good friend Toni Telbar after I bought him he stayed with the breeder, handler trainer Toni Telbar until he received his Championship.
All Photos of Kris von Tonisbergen
Ksenon od Vadanora
HR 16493, HD:A, ED:0
Janis vom Quercus Wald
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JR 724593, HD:A, ED:2, IPO:I
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JR 716980
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JR 720857, HD:A, ED:0
Dakota vom Quercus Wald
HR 15342, HD:A
Merlin Flash Rouse
HKSZ HR 14862 (04-09)
CH Katja Terezsky Dvur
CMKU 1216008/12 HD:0 IPO:I ED:0
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