Alten Weise Rottweilers
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Damian Von Der Altenweise
Damian is the son of multi v1 Lili Vom Bosniak Rott and grandson of the legendary Persey Lions of Pliva. Lili is my top show female and one of the best producing females you’ll ever find anywhere. He is truly the most beautiful Rottweiler you’ll ever see anywhere with his deep rich mahogany markings. He stands 64 cm and weighs 52 kilograms in weight.
All Photos of Damian Von Der Altenweise
Harley Von Tonis Bergen
WS48531001 (05-15) BLK&MHGY (CRO) AKC DNA #V749546
Lili Vom Bosniak Rott
Pele Flash Rouse
HKSZ 16266
Carry Od Vadanora
HKSZ 15033
Persey Lions of Pliva
BHR 328002, HD:A, ED:0
Gurli Vom Belzebub
BHR 337199, HD:frei, ED:2
UZI Flash Rouse
JR 720047 RW (07-12) (YUG)
Belly Zara Cro Rott
KSS 722687
Merlin Flash Rouse
HKSZ HR 14862 (04-09)
Carmen Von Donnerwald
HKSZ 14093
Freud House of Lazic
JR 721696, HD:A
BHR 20708
Ekko Vom Kummelsee
ADRK 119245, HD:frei, ED:frei, SchH/VPG I, IPO:2, BH
Aida Vom Belzebub
ADRK 120218, HD:frei, ED:frei, BH